Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Engaging the work of a small, energetic and dedicated team of young practitioners, uzinaduzina aims to support urban culture in Transylvania. Working with young and adult audiences, the team attempts to prompt them to discover the latest trends, but also to remember and acknowledge their recent past, thus contributing to a culture of dialogue between the two age groups.

Our name stands for “a dozen work initiatives in a factory” since we wanted this organisation to allow each of us to further our research and develop projects and events that would concorde with our advocacy initiatives. It has so far proven a fertile environment and we believe this type of association particularly suits young democracies where a not-for-profit culture is still to be developed. It also suits university centers, where research hubs are valuable for students and graduates alike.

Due to our academic and professional backgrounds, we are particularly attentive to issues related to material and imaterial heritage as well as changes in the public space. In the past, we have organised storytelling events and colored retroprojections ( a special pastime for children growing up in the ‘80s in communist Romania).

We are now re-evaluating the time passed and our personal and organisational development, with the intention of concentrating our initiatives around the following activity areas:

  • immaterial cultural heritage
  • digital preservation of cultural artifacts
  • traditional crafts reinterpreted from an urban perspective
  • the evolution of public space in post-communist Romania
  • antropological research
  • contemporary and outsider art
  • civic education and human rights