Open Access

We believe in free, unlimited access to information belonging to the cultural heritage as well as the public domain. We believe individuals should be encouraged to access such information and institutions stimulated to showcase their heritage.


We seek creative approaches and informal education techniques to access a broader audience. In our view the presentation of content is equally important and contributes to  establish the desired mindset.

Intercultural Dialogue

We cherish the cultural and linguistic diversity of Transylvania and aim to engage representatives of various groups in meaningful dialogues and exchanges.

Cultural Preservation

We act to protect and promote traditional Transylvanian culture, with an emphasis on imaterial heritage, the most vulnerable, in our view, to the passing of time. We believe traditions strengthen our identity, their preservation is a respectful revisit of the past with a pair of slick contemporary glasses.

Lifelong Learning & Equality of Chances

We support continuous personal development and encourage the young and mature alike to increase their knowledge and abilities as well as to discover new opportunities of improving their lives and contributing to the public sphere.


We believe in accountable decisions and behaviours.