The Sea of Stories

Designed as a series of twelve events, the Sea of Stories aims to provide a storytelling medium engaging different techniques and featuring analogue technology methods. Storytelling is not merely a children focused activity, but also an sharing experience among community members. It enables us to communicate our cultural heritage through a multitude of mediums and preservers our identity. uzinaduzina is eager to explore the variety of storytelling methods.

Two colored retroprojection sessions were organised to present as well as an audition of stories on vynil. All three events were previously organised in the smallest teahouse in Cluj (at the time) and were aimed at recapturing the scent of the growing -up experience in communist Romania. Most of the atendees, in their twentees, rememorized their experience growing up . For some of them the events migh be interpreted as a possible anthropological comming of age.

Vynil were a common pastime for children in the towns of Romania. Pickup players delivered for most of us a daily dose of stories that would compensate the lack of children dedicated TV programs. In communist Romania out of the two daily hours of broadcasting, only less than 10 minute were dedicate to cartoons on a daily basis. Listening to such “audiobooks” was a trip down memory lane as it was nearly impossible not to be able to recognise at least part of the voices that had such an impact on our imagination.